Past Activities

Started with blood donation camp
  • Health camp
  • Educational help for poor children.
  • Medical help for poor people.
  • Sponsorship program for slum children.
  • Montessori in slum aria
  • Help to handy cap distributed cailifar to lam. Red sticks to blind.
  • Micro loan to poor women to start there business.
  • Eye camp

Present Activities

  • We are working among slum dweller we having 125 children we are taking care of them
  • we are providing them education , medical help , shelter , clothes ext ..
  • We Are tacking stitching classes for women and girls
  • We have 18 girls & women in the class .they learned to cut material & stitch the clothes dresses ext .
  • Day care center runs in slum area.
  • Tacking children to out for picnics.
  • Distributing gifts among them.
  • Distributing school kit.
  • Providing medical help to slum dwellers.

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